Alisha Eich

Hailing from Brantford, Ontario, Canada, Alisha Eich is a worship leader and songwriter...

with a passion for the Kingdom of God. Alisha's heart for people to know and experience His love and presence is particularly evident in her music, and is highlighted with lyrical storytelling, sweet but powerful vocals, and melodic creativity. Although some of her past recordings could be labelled as inspirational/pop, her personal satisfaction in music has always been found serving in her local church through leading and being a part of worship. Her newest music taps into the corporate worship genre of Christian music with hopes of bringing a fresh, creative sound to the mix.

Ramping up to release is her newest, declarative single, Hidden Places, a strong but simple reminder of God's unending presence. It is scheduled to be available November 6th on all major music streaming services. Following Hidden Places will be a dreamy and beautiful version of the classic Christmas song, I Heard the bells on Christmas Day, on which you'll hear her and her brother Tim singing together. It's release date is November 27th of this year, and it will be followed by Alisha's first full length album, 'I'm Listening', set to be released in 2021.

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